Monday, August 18, 2008

iPhone 3G issue! Did you buy it already??

iPhone new version is very much sought for its 3G feature and what the irony is? 3G is not working very well for this phone.

There are many reasons being given for this issue which range from it being a hardware fault because of its antenna and amplifier, or because of chip itself being faulty. Software faults are being reasoned for incorrect settings. You can have a more detailed look on these at -

Whatever being the reason, problem is that Apple is not addressing the issue. Forget about addressing it, it is not even acknowledging that issue is there with iPhone. So what is going to happen - Are people going to dump their phone which they have bought with so much enthusiasm? It is yet to be seen that iPhone 3G is going to crash because of its popularity or its popularity will make Apple keep itself up to the mark and provide a good solution.

Wait and Watch:)

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