Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is Singh really King?

Seen Singh is king movie recently. It was a much hyped movie where we heard that it is given some 4.5 starts in rating for its worth. Even some news channels were talking about how Akshay has brilliantly acted in this movie and how charming Katrina is looking in it. Both statements are actually true.
So if you are going to see movie for Akshay and Katrina only, go for it. You won't loose anything, but if you want to enjoy a movie and come out dancing or laughing - Na, na, na... This is not one of that. May be it is just me but at least people sitting on both side of me were also of same view so I think I can generalise a bit. Story was bogus. Till half time, even though it didn't had any sense but still it was ok. After half time, it was like it is being stretched without any logic.
Ok, ok we should not put any logic while seeing movies but something should be there, right? I don't want to spoil the fun for you so will not provide specifics, but whatever turns movie was talking, it was not reflecting in action of characters (supporting ones) and also I was not able to digest why it is happening.
No good songs either. Too much talked about title song is not that great. It was pushed in movie just for- don't know why.
Katrina looked good and Akshay is anyway has improved in his acting a lot, but that much only is not worth my 100 bucks. You take your call..

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