Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shifted Financial posts to another Blog

I had added few posts which were serious in nature and were dealing with mostly finanace. Content was flowing so much and it was interesting also, so I thought why not another blog for this. People would be coming to this blog for entertainment and giving those boring topics might not suit good, so let go somewhere else if it interest you. There are always link on right hand side to move to that blog as well.

I have moved following posts to this new blog -
1. Tips for beginner in share market.
2. Some interesting questions to public on current hot topics.
3. Some answers on what will happen to Petrol Prices.
4. What is future of IT in India.
5. What is so hot about South Africa economy.

I hope you will get much more when you will visit my new blog - 'Fun with Finance - You Dare'.

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