Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CT Trip Day2- Jumping down the bridge

We started for cape town in evening and covered our way through George to Knysna where we were planning to do one day halt. Read previous post for Day1

We had our directions from owner of residence and it took us a while to realize that we have missed it and gone somewhere wrong. It was 6:00 and we felt it would be ok to call our lady owner and confirm the directions. What we found - we had already crossed city Knysna while our beds were long left before start of city :(. Anyway, take a U-turn and go back. This time we were alert and ultimately managed to find it. Owner was very helpful to come and show us around the house and we were all ready to do our cooking :). While few of us started freshening up, Anand went first on stove and put a pan for fried egg.

Our next plan, or for few of us planning was done to do bungee jumping. While at least 3 of us (Chandan, me and Anand) were sure that we are not going to do this madness, others were too much excited about it. They could not bear to leave me and Anand in luxury of bed and blanket and themselves face the fear of falling alone. So..they dragged us out of house and shoved us in car. It was fine till sometime and then I positioned myself at back seat for a nice nap. Colorful trees and a sunny weather could not let me sleep and after sometime I was again sitting straight, looking out of window. We passed a big bridge which was on a quite good height from ground below it. And there was the board for group who organises this stupid bungee jumping.. ok, ok.. not stupid.. but..what the h..
Thinking that it would be somewhere alongside the road, we kept moving until we crossed 5-6 KM and could not find anything to drive into. We called the group office and took another U-turn in a single day as we had missed it. All who wanted to do this stunt went ahead after enquiring fees.

We 3 (Anand, Chandan and myself) stayed behind with all jacket, purse, watches, camera and what not, as it was not good to take these things on bridge, from where one will make a jump.
It was hard to identify who is standing on that bridge but Rajesh was the first one in his bunch to try. Very brave of him, I really do think so!So it was easy to identify that it is Rajesh on that bridge. I tried taking snap of him with 12X camera. Though I was not sure that time, it came quite good. You can see Rajesh below jumping down the bridge.

I tried for other people as well but instead wasted memory on some other random people who we don't know. While it would be a very thrilling experience for them to jump from a 260 m height, watching them live was also a very exciting experience. Once everyone was through this excitement, we realized that we are hungry and morning breakfast has faded to no existence and body is demanding another feeding. We went into a McDonald for a burger and fries with some shake to subsidise this hunger.

Once filled we spent rest of day finding a beach and walking, sitting, jumping on it. At one place it was all rocks and you need to climb a bit down to touch water. With everyone refilled with McDonald's energy it just took few seconds when our whole group was sitting on rocks just next to Water. You can see below myself trying to go as much down, without getting me wet, as possible. It was good to sit and relax on rocks while seeing sea splashing it's salty water on these rocks.

Second beach was having sand shore and we tried a nice walk along footpath beside it. We also put our foot in water but it was too cold to stay in it. Bravo to those who were neck deep in water and playing with it. We also played but it was a catch-catch with a tennis ball on sand shore.

We went back to our residence and Rajesh, Chandan, Bhushan, Nikhil were fast asleep in no time. Thinking that it would spoil our sleep in night time, me Anand, Dinesh and Pratyush stayed awake talking about many things. After some time we were in drawing room drinking beer with peanuts as snacks. It was Rajesh's birthday next day and we were planned to have a blast in Knysna to celebrate it. IF you are not familiar with how Indian college celebrates birthday, it would be a shock to you. We had all arrangement done with cake, sparkling wine and cameras in place.

Rajesh cut the cake and as soon as he was finished taking a bite, cream was all over his face. People took turn (not to give him another bite of cake) to paste cake and cream wherever one could find a place left on his face. Then it was time to open the bottle and take sip of wine. With alcohol in body, now it was time for bumps. You know? not.. ok keep reading and take some hint from pictures below -

In this four (or three or two) people hold the person on hands and legs while others kick him on hips. No of kicks are supposed to match birthday boy's age or if he is unable to take as much. Rajesh went down much before we could reach his age but anyway it were quite a good number he could handle.

With this celebration we wished a good night to everyone and went to bed for an early start on next day to Cape Town. Read my next post on what an adventurous journey it was till our stay place in cape town and how magnificent Table mountain was in there.
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