Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Very Happy New Year, Bye Bye 2008

First of all, A Very Happy New Year to You. Thanks for visiting my site. I wish this New Year will bring you new opportunities and pleasure in life.

Everyone will have some plan to celebrate this occasion, either by going out, partying, or sitting quite with family or alone. There will surely be few who will just sleep, but let’s count them out when we are in jolly mood of enjoying every moment of reducing minutes and seconds of this year (see below - I have rest the counter for 2010, so keep coming back whenever you want to check time left:)) -

I hope you have plan to run for New Year Party, have a wonderful time with your family and friends together, joining you in this party.

Forget that you are aging to be old, instead look forward toward another year when you can achieve a lot more in your life. Dance , to this thought as it is just the start of your good time and you have everything to control it.

In last, have a blast, drink to your another wonderful year. Look to sky for your limit and may your success glow like fireworks and bring light for you and your loved ones.

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