Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1 More month for Xdrive Data

Though it is an offtrack post for this blog, I wanted to help people to not loose their data.

I was using Xdrive for years and suddenly it gave me a heart attack that it is closing down. I was not using AOL email much and they have sent mail only on their network, so I came to know about it late. Now it is only few days left for downloading my data and it was not sufficient.

Here is the solution for it. Go to https://www.elephantdrive.com/online_backup/xdrive_elephantdrive_migration.aspx. You can provide your Xdrive user details and your email. They will transfer your data to ElephantDrive and you will get free 1 month trail activated. Download your data in that month as per your time convenience.

Their service is also good, in competitive price to Xdrive, so if you want to continue with them, you will have option to do so after one month. They will notify you on email for purchasing online storage.

Good thing - if your data is less than 1 GB, you can enjoy their free 1 GB storage feature. you won't have to pay anything.. so it is a win win :).

I hope this will give you some peace of mind. Please leave comment to let me know you experience with this and if there are more solutions for Xdrive closing issue.