Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nanhua Temple and Carnival city

Few weeks earlier we went to Nan Hua Temple and on the way we covered Carnival city as well. Trip to Nan Hua Temple was not random and it was on a special occasion, It was Chinese New year on next day and being a weekend, it was being celebrated in Nan Hua temple. For us it was a double purpose - participating in celebration with Chinese people for their new year occasion and getting some peace in a Buddhism environment (not that we were restless and in need of some peace, but it is always good :)).

5 of us, Sudhish, Chandan, Sumit, Shashi and myself, were really amazed by magnificent view of temple. I have put slide show at end of this post which you can view at your leisure time, but few of view i would like to share directly without any disruption. I will take you from gate till some Chinese traditional moments we enjoyed there.

When we reached at temple, we were 100% impressed by first scene we saw - its Gate.It is an ideal representation of Chinese culture and though I have not seen Forbidden city in real, I think it will look like something similar.
From Chinese Temple - SA
Next it was the entrance to main temple which is equally marvelous.
From Chinese Temple - SA

Slide Show for Nan Hua Temple

Slide Show for Carnival City